The Donut Dollies

Program 3

1H 25MIN

The Untold Story, 50 years in the making, of the American women who volunteered during the Vietnam War on an impossible mission…
[USA] In 1968, two best friends joined an elite team and flew into a war zone wearing powder blue dresses. They were Red Cross Donut Dollies. These idealistic young women embraced their mission -- to cheer up battle-worn GIs on the frontlines of the Vietnam War -- with energy, creativity, compassion and resolve, but had no idea what they were getting into. 46 years later, they reunite in Vietnam to retrace their steps; ask why they went; ask whether they made a difference; unlock buried memories and share their stories for the first time.


Directed by Norman Anderson

Written by Norman Anderson

Production Company Paloma Productions

Produced by Executive Producers - Lori Hill and Terence Hill
Producer - Jess Hill
Co-producers - Jim Gardner and Norm Anderson

Cast Full Cast in order of appearance: Dorset Hoogland Anderson
Norman Anderson I
Norman Anderson II
Nancy Caracciolo Warner
Agnes Scott Fortune
Linda Sullivan Schulte
Wanda Huisman
Sharon VanderVen Cummings
Holly Hufschmidt Van Fleet
Doug Bradley
O’Donnald Parker
Mary Blanchard Bowe
James Caccavo
Leah O'leary
Mary Wilson Atkinson
Linda Goettman Bryant
Susan Watson
Robert Bowe
Bob Johnston
Robert S. Digirolamo
Linnie Stone
Mai Suong
Roy Melius
Robert Wray
Mr. And Mrs. Nguyễn Xuân Đông
Tường Việt
Le Hông Thaồ
Lê Nhâ Tâm Khuê
Jess Hill
Owen Bell
Sue Conklin
Danny Macias
David Diaz Gonzalez
Moses Diaz
Stephen Wallace
Paul Harp
Cliff Toye
Bill Miller