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Availability ended 10/23/2021 PDT
Vega and Billie go on an overnight hike with their dad. The trip is great until Dad falls and is unable to move. The sisters head out for help, initially feeling lost but bravely face their fears and discover their superpowers and find their strength in sisterhood. A charmer of a film, and great family entertainment, as well!

Working Woman

Availability ended 10/23/2021 PDT
This riveting drama about workplace sexual harassment centers on a young Israeli mother whose successes on the job are accompanied by increasingly overt advances by her boss, a luxury real estate developer not used to hearing the word “no.” Working Woman, from the award-winning feminist, activist, writer-director Michal Aviad is a #metoo film that delivers a nuanced, assured, and wholly worthwhile take on the subject.


Availability ended 10/23/2021 PDT
International Choice
Blanka, a young girl, makes her living on the streets of Manila from small theft and tricks. She dreams of saving to “buy” a mom. When she meets a talented, blind, gambling musician, her life takes an unexpected turn. They join forces to face everyday struggles and Blanka discovers she is a talented singer and more importantly that money can’t buy a person’s love.

Catch & Release

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Hate the sin, love the sinner
Based on the Pulitzer Prize-Nominated play "Keely and Du", by Jane Martin, Catch and Release is about a young pregnant woman who is abducted. She wakes to find herself captive on a remote island. Frightened and desperate, she clashes violently with A seemingly impenetrable religious fundamentalist who is both her guard and caregiver.